Mahina Made

Web Development

Hawaii (USA) / 2022

Client’s Challenges:

Before engaging with Byte to IT, Mahina Made faced several challenges. Their existing online presence did not effectively convey the rich essence of Native Hawaiian culture. The website lacked a cohesive design, making it challenging for users to navigate and connect with the brand’s products. This disconnect was adversely affecting their sales and outreach to their target audience.


Objectives and Goals:

To create a visually appealing and culturally relevant online platform for Mahina Made.

To develop a custom Shopify theme from scratch, tailored to the client’s unique requirements.

To incorporate smooth and engaging animations that would reflect the essence of Native Hawaiian culture.

To improve user experience, driving increased user engagement and ultimately boosting sales and brand awareness.


Strategy and Approach:

To tackle these challenges and achieve the client’s objectives, Byte to IT adopted the following strategies:

In-depth research and understanding of Native Hawaiian culture and its significance.

Collaboration with an external designer to ensure a culturally authentic design.

Comprehensive design and development of a custom Shopify theme, emphasizing a visually engaging and intuitive user interface.

Integration of subtle yet culturally relevant animations to enhance user engagement.

Rigorous testing to ensure a seamless user experience on various devices and browsers.



Collaborating closely with the client and the external designer to create a design that reflected Native Hawaiian culture.

Developing a custom Shopify theme, optimizing the website for performance and SEO.

Implementing the requested subtle animations across the site.

Rigorous testing to ensure responsiveness and functionality.

Launching the revamped website with a comprehensive brand update.


Lessons Learned:

Throughout the project, we learned valuable lessons, including the importance of cultural authenticity in design and the power of storytelling through subtle animations. Close collaboration with external designers can bring fresh perspectives to a project, enhancing its success.



The transformation of Mahina Made’s online presence was a resounding success. Byte to IT effectively combined design, development, and cultural authenticity to create a website that pays tribute to Native Hawaiian culture. The project exemplifies the agency’s commitment to delivering unique, engaging, and culturally relevant online experiences.


If you’re seeking to revamp your online presence or require a unique digital experience, contact Byte to IT today. We’re here to help you achieve your online goals and make your brand shine.

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