We are Authentics

Branding / Web Design & Development

Ireland (UK) / 2023

Client’s Challenges

Authentics sought to create a strong brand identity that would accurately represent their mission and a simple, cost-effective one-page website. The website needed to be inclusive and accessible, with clear indications of the services provided, a spotlight on the unique “Diseña tu vida” method, a gallery with educational videos and images, a section for workshops, and links for downloadable resources for parents and kids.


Objectives and Goals

The main objectives for Authentics were to reach a wider audience and provide educational content for individuals with special needs.


Strategy and Approach

Branding: Authentics’ brand identity features a captivating logo with a silhouette of a walking child, representing movement and progress. Colorful circles signify diversity and potential. The sleek background exudes sophistication, while the text in inspiring blue highlights the commitment to empowerment and growth.

Web Design: We provided a one-page website with a simple and logical structure, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. A prominent call to action in the navigation directs users to a contact form, streamlining content in a compelling order.



Our team executed the project, starting from scratch, encompassing branding, web design, and development, to bring Authentics’ vision to life.


Lessons Learned

The biggest challenge in this project was crafting a branding identity that effectively represented Authentics, emphasizing their mission of promoting happiness and well-being for special needs individuals.



The collaboration with Authentics led to the creation of a compelling brand identity and an accessible, informative website. It has allowed Authentics to reach a wider audience and provide valuable educational content, ultimately furthering their mission to improve the lives of individuals with special needs.


We invite you to explore “We are Authentics” and experience the positive impact of their unique “Diseña tu vida” method. Contact us to learn more about how Authentics can improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs and promote happiness and well-being.

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