Web Design / Web Development

Portugal / 2023

Client’s Challenges:

Agri-Estufas faced challenges stemming from an outdated branding and the need to cater to a diverse audience, including older individuals and those with limited computer skills. They wanted the Agri-Estufas phone number prominently displayed for easy customer contact.


Objectives and Goals:

Agri-Estufas aimed to simplify their website, making it user-friendly for a broad demographic. They sought a fresh, intuitive design with clear navigation, focusing on providing accessible information.


Strategy and Approach:

Our approach involved designing a website that seamlessly integrated contact options without disrupting the overall aesthetics. We incorporated a fixed element with the phone number and WhatsApp contact, making it easily accessible to users.



We implemented the contact elements in a way that felt like a natural part of the website’s design, ensuring that they captured attention while blending harmoniously with the overall user experience.


Lessons Learned:

One valuable lesson learned was the importance of balancing modern design with accessibility, especially for a diverse audience. We found that integrating contact options seamlessly can enhance the user experience without compromising the aesthetics.



In conclusion, our work with Agri-Estufas exemplifies our commitment to solving unique challenges. We successfully delivered a modern website that caters to the needs of a broad audience, striking a balance between aesthetics and accessibility.


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