Linkilaw Solicitors

App Development

UK / 2021

Client’s Challenges:

Linkilaw Solicitors aimed to improve the service provided to top-tier customers by allowing access to a dashboard for subscription paying customers built on ReactJS to package later as an Android / iOS app.


Objectives and Goals:

Elevate user experience by creating a bespoke customer platform.

Amplify customer outreach and revenue.

Centralize data.

Solidify status as a top-tier Law firm.

Strategy and Approach:

Our approach provided multiple features that resonated with the brand’s cultural essence and general aim of the project.



Seamless collaboration between development and business teams.

Multiple sources of information to heighten user engagement.

Responsive web design for optimal cross-device user experiences.

Stringent quality assurance to meet the highest standards.

An intuitive content management system.


Results and Achievements:

Reinforced brand identity and memorability.

Centralized information hub for employees to access information and create / monitor existing products and sales.

Positive user feedback on design and experience.

A formidable online presence and a trusted brand.


Lessons Learned:

Key takeaways included the significance of collaboration, user-centric design, and the importance of customization to align with brand identity.



This project underscores the potency of a meticulous design and well-structured development approach. Prioritizing user experience and brand identity, Byte to IT surpassed Linkilaw Solicitors’ expectations, delivering a robust online presence and business triumph.


Having explored this case study, we encourage you to envision how Byte to IT can reshape your online presence and steer you towards business success. Contact us today to embark on your own journey of achievement.

Tech used:
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