Tikit World

Web Design / Web Development

Portugal / 2022

Client’s Challenges:

TikitWorld sought to address the challenges of an unjust and unsafe secondary market for event tickets. Their aim was to create a tamper-proof ticketing platform that would open new possibilities for event owners, customers, and brands.


Objectives and Goals:

TikitWorld’s main objectives were to launch a decentralized, tamper-proof ticketing platform that would eliminate the existing issues in the secondary market. They aspired to provide a seamless and secure experience for users, ultimately transforming the way tickets are bought and sold.


Strategy and Approach:

To tackle this ambitious project, Byte to IT began by analyzing TikitWorld’s requirements. We created mockups with the user experience in mind, striving to design a simple and engaging platform. These mockups were refined and transformed into the final design using Figma, streamlining the process for utmost clarity.



The project involved the use of cutting-edge technologies. Figma was utilized for prototyping and design. For front-end development, we employed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The project timeline spanned approximately 2-3 months, slightly exceeding initial expectations.


Lessons Learned:

The project provided valuable insights, especially in project management, and navigating complex, multifaceted endeavors. Byte to IT’s team gained invaluable experience that will inform future projects.



In collaboration with TikitWorld, Byte to IT contributed to a transformative endeavor. Our meticulous design and development efforts brought TikitWorld closer to its vision of a tamper-proof, user-friendly, and engaging ticketing platform.


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Tech used:
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